Mermaid Tail Scale Bikini

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Made from spandex and polyester.

Includes bikini top and bottom and mermaid tail.

This item makes for a perfect gift for any mermaids out there!


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M      3-4 Years         Waist 42cm          Hips 54cm            Bottom length 20cm         Tail length 70cm

L       4-5 Years         Waist 42cm          Hips 54cm            Bottom length 21cm         Tail length 74cm

XL    5-6 Years         Waist 46cm          Hips 56cm            Bottom length 22cm         Tail length 78cm

2XL  6-7 Years         Waist 48cm          Hips 58cm            Bottom length 23cm         Tail length 82cm

3XL  7-8 Years         Waist 50cm          Hips 62cm            Bottom length 24cm         Tail length 86cm

4XL  8-9 Years         Waist 52cm          Hips 64cm            Bottom length 25cm         Tail length 90cm